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Silverio Pérez

Award-winning musician, composer and author with four decades of radio and television experience.

  • Event production and bookings (US market - for bookings, email

  • Website content management

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Fabiola Méndez

Musician, composer and music teacher. Acclaimed Puerto Rican Cuatro performer, and Berklee College graduate.

  • Album release

  • Bookings (for bookings, email

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A weekly podcast on Puerto Rican culture and current affairs hosted by Ana Teresa Toro, Silverio Pérez and Pedro Reina-Pérez.

  • Production

  • Social media management

  • Sales

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Amador Bilingual Voiceovers

A bilingual voiceover company that serves the Spanish and English speaking markets.

  • Integrated marketing consulting

  • Content management

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The Boston Foundation

Live Arts Boston (LAB) provides up to $15,000 in project-specific funds to create, produce or present artistic work for Greater Boston audiences.

  • Project advisory

  • Professional development offerings

  • Communications and networking.

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teatro sea

Society for Educational Arts, Inc. (A.K.A. Teatro SEA) is the premier bilingual arts and education organization, and Latino children’s theatre in the Unites States.

  • Development and sales consulting

  • Organizational consulting

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The MorÁn Group

A bilingual media production company specializing in creative endeavors for children and youth.

  • Theatre book series production

  • New business development

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Zayra Pola

Percussionist, band-leader and singer, Zayra is also the co-founder and leader of 3nity—an acclaimed all-female latin music band.

  • Bookings (for bookings, email

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Fair Saturday

An independent nonprofit organization committed to developing a better world through the promotion of arts and culture and social empathy as key drivers of change.

  • Executing partner in the US



CROMA is an accesible performance space in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay.

  • Venue management

  • Experience production

  • Event curation

Claudio Ragazzi

Claudio ragazzi

Grammy and Emmy award winner guitarist and composer, educator and recording artist.

  • Bookings (for bookings, email

  • Representation

Jagual Media

Jagual Media

Media company that provides accessible information through new media and video podcasts.

  • Organizational Consulting

  • Project Development

  • Content Production